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Understanding American Study

The USC Understanding America Study (UAS) is creating an in-depth portrayal of the people in the U.S.--their daily lives and their opinions. This 2,500+ Internet panel is yielding insights and information of significant value to policy makers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, opinion pollsters, social science researchers, corporations and more. More


Jay Greene presented his work on the effect of public and private schooling on antisemitism at the American Enterprise Institute conference. He used data from the Understanding America Study survey the University of Arkansas had developed, UAS15.

November was a month of Donna Spruijt-Metz, a psychologist who studies the American epidemic of childhood obesity.  She has long sought a more ...More


December 03, 2015Impact of Early-Life Shocks on Human Capital Formation: Evidence from El Niño Floods in Ecuador

December 07, 2015The Effects of Aggregate and Gender-Specific Labor Demand Shocks on Children’s Health